Amate Audio installation delivers premium sound in Rotterdam ‘Jules Boules Bite Bar’

The newest addition to the Dutch based ‘Jules Boules Bites Bar’ chain of drinking, dining and jeu de boules experience venues has opened in the city of Rotterdam. Its exclusively Amate Audio sound installation prominently features the company’s latest G7 loudspeaker, a dedicated premium commercial audio design.

This, the fifth branch of the themed restaurant chain, encompasses a 12 lane indoor jeu de boules ‘parcours’, together with extensive bar and restaurant facilities. Audio for the entire bar and restaurant area is provided by an installation of 12 ultra-compact G7 loudspeaker cabinets and a pair of N12WP subs – the titanium colour scheme of the G7 cabinets matching the exposed metal work in the ceiling. A separate installation for the jeu de boules parcours comprises 12 Amate Audio Nítid series S6P 2-way, high power handling birch ply cabinets, together with a pair of N18WP subs .

Power for the both installation zones is provided from a rack of seven Amate Audio HD series high efficiency amplifiers, totalling almost 13,000 W RMS power. System control is managed with two LMS608 loudspeaker management processors; Amate Audio’s ‘next generation’ most powerful, high reliability DSP control devices. Specifications include four analogue and dual channel AES/EBU inputs, and eight analogue XLR outputs, a 64-bit DSP architecture, and a continuous ‘around the clock’ operating capability.

Speaking to the particular selection of Amate Audio loudspeaker models, to achieve the requirement for a premium BGM installation throughout the venue, Rotterdam based Imagination AV’s Technical Sales Manager Jason Lupgens states: “In keeping with the ‘high-end’ interior design, we needed to visually blend the loudspeakers, in so far as possible, with the decor. In a meeting with the owner, Peter van Leeuwen, we came to the decision that the new Amate Audio G7, in its titanium color scheme, would best match the interior of the restaurant and deliver premium sound quality.

“The jeu the boules zone prioritized higher signal output for tournament sessions throughout the night while maintaining consistent audio performance. Peter already knew the S6P very well, having installed hundreds of cabinets in his Glowgolf leisure restaurants. So for him it was a quick and easy choice. We completed the entire installation in a week. The universal reaction was one of smiles in response to the great sound experience we created throughout the entire site.”