Acoustic systems for 3D immersive sound systems in large spaces

SA3D is a sound system technology developed to deploy market leading immersive technology. SA3D provides a “turnkey” innovative new sound system for 3D sound immersive events, either outdoors and live in concert halls.


Installation and references

Sfear Dome

Inflatable dome with integrated loudspeakers for innovative experiences based on 3D sound at music festivals, promotional events of businesses and agencies, exhibitions...

Ovnew Restaurant

OVNEW is the world’s first 3D sound restaurant. Its SFËAR 3D audio system employs 26x Amate Audio SA3D active loudspeakers with advanced 3D processing...

Sonar +D '16

This year’s Sonar+D festival in Barcelona saw Eurecat unveil its incredible SFËAR 360˚ live sound technology in a large demonstration space...

Beyond Surround

Joan Amate shares at PLASA Show London 2016 Amate Audio experience developing and working with immersive sound techniques


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