FuryHard Techno Festival 23

Amate Audio ignites the ‘Fury’ of Barcelona

In the heart of Barcelona, a new era of sonic intensity was born as “Fury”, the city’s latest hard techno festival. At the forefront of this musical explosion was Amate Audio, renowned pioneers of cutting-edge sound technology. Under the banner of “Rave is Not a Crime,” the festival pushed boundaries, inviting enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the exhilarating pulse of hard techno amidst the stunning backdrop of Barcelona’s cityscape.

With a capacity of 5000 attendees, Fury united hard techno enthusiasts for a full day of intense sonic immersion, driven by 70,000W of pure sound. Both festival-goers and sound professionals were deeply impressed by Amate Audio’s precision and power, reinforcing its reputation as the premier choice for events seeking top-tier audio.

Amate Audio’s sound systems played a pivotal role in shaping the Fury festival’s pounding atmosphere. The products from the Xcellence series ensured that every beat, synth, and note reached the audience with unparalleled clarity and power. The XA211, latest release in the Xcellence series, stole the spotlight. This line array system delivers extraordinary sonic precision, thanks to advanced design and technology.

The X102FD lived up to its reputation as a powerhouse, delivering crystal-clear sound that could be felt throughout the festival grounds. Its efficiency and versatility make it an ideal choice for events like Fury, where sonic impact is paramount.

Last but not least, to unleash the full force of bass, XW218 subwoofers were deployed, delivering a powerful, earth-shaking experience.

The combination of these three exceptional beasts from the Xcellence series, forged an audio ensemble that defined the unforgettable Fury experience. Barcelona’s music scene has been forever transformed, and the invitation to embrace the pulse of hard techno has been met with enthusiastic response. As “Rave is Not a Crime” continues to echo through the city, Amate Audio’s sound systems will undoubtedly be at the forefront of future musical revolutions, ensuring that the realm of sensory intensity remains a place where euphoria knows no bounds.


Equipment used:

  • 12x XA211
  • 8x XW218
  • 6x X102FD 
  • 2x XW118
  • 2x X14FD