Amate Audio transforms the theatre experience

Amate Audio’s passion for sound transforms the theatre experience

Mariona Escoda, winner of the first edition of Eufòria, the popular catalan talent show on TV3, offered a spectacular performance on the 20th of May at the theatre named La Passió d’Esparreguera. This event was a perfect opportunity to highlight the latest installation of Amate Audio systems in one of the largest and most emblematic theatres in Catalonia, Spain.

With a capacity for 1800 people and a 15m wide stage, the theatre has completely renovated its sound system installation, relying on Amate Audio for this significant investment. This high quality installation ensures an exceptional live experience for both theatrical performances and musical events, consolidating the theatre’s commitment to providing a superior acoustic environment.

The acoustic conditioning of the hall became a key challenge: A thorough analysis revealed an unwanted acoustic reflection on the centre of the side walls, particularly affecting the clarity of the voice in the central area of the hall. This issue was resolved by strategically placing acoustic panels in the affected walls.

The installation and acoustic measurements were carried out by sound technicians Roc Mateu and Guiu Llusà, whose expertise and dedication were essential to guarantee a perfectly tuned sound quality throughout the venue. In addition, the recognised professional Pepe Ferrer, complemented the installation by providing his guidance and verification. A combination of these three professionals’ expertise together with Amate Audio products resulted in an installation that offers the best of each show; in the case of Mariona Escoda’s performance, the feedback provided by the sound technician responsible for the show, Nil Llorach, was extremely positive.

With this outstanding installation, La Passió d’Esparreguera theatre proves its commitment to offering an exceptional sound experience to its audience. Amate Audio is proud to be the choice for this important upgrade, and we look forward to keep providing high-performance sound solutions for theatres and other cultural venues.


Equipment used:

  • 24x N208 line array: 8 units on each side of the stage, providing high fidelity music and voice reproduction, plus a central cluster of 8 units exclusively for vocal reproduction, reinforcing voice presence towards the audience.
  • 6x X18T subwoofer (3 per side), to balance the number of line arrays placed in PA.
  • 8x N6P as front fill, ensuring an even sound coverage.
  • 2x LMS608 DSP to manage the equipment.
  • 2x HD1200 amplifier for the passive front fill.