Product Authentication

At Amate Audio, we do our very best to provide a clear and authentic path to our products. Sadly, we have encountered some products of questionable origin in a few markets around the world. We are attacking any possible sources, but this is not always easy.

Verification process ViSeQR®

1. Download the app

Download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play, and install it on your device. Search for “ViseQR“. Make sure you are downloading the specific ViSeQR© application, and installing it on a certified smartphones device with a camera of 5 Mpx of higher. If you need the Android version and are unable to use Google Play, you can download the app directly here on the Viditrust web site.


2. Check ViSeQR®

Find the ViSeQR® label on your Amate Audio product, and scan it using the app (Internet access is required at the time of scanning).

3. Confirmation

The application will confirm if the item is of real or questionable origin by responding with a message that says “True ID!” or “Authentic Product“, and you will be direct to a Amate Audio web site page with more information about the ViSeQR® technology.

4. Questions

In the event that the item is of questionable origin, the application will direct you to a Amate Audio web site page that will explain your options.

ViSeQR® Product Authentication

In an effort to provide a higher level of comfort to our customers, Amate Audio has begun to use a new technology called ViSeQR®. This product authentication system will provide you with a unique way to determine if your product is original. Starting in February 2017, Amate Audio began to add a simple ViSeQR® label to each Amate Audio product that has been produced at our factory.

ViSeQR® technology protects Amate Audio from counterfeiting and ensures the traceability of products. The consumer can verify the authenticity of a product directly from any smartphone device; just taking a picture of the smart label to verify it on the free App.

The ViSeQR® smart label integrates a common technology of optical reading (QR) with a procedure developed by ViDiTrust, which establishes a link between the public information present in the QR, and the “private” information that is invisible to the human eye. The smart label that Amate Audio is applying uses a square design that measures approximately 21×21 mm. This smart label is NOT a simple QR code. The coloured frame is not reproducible, and the integration of the label in the graphic print generates specific printed elements that can not be counterfeited.

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