FCB8: a great sound for amazing supporters

Amate Audio designs customized loudspeakers for the new animation tier at Camp Nou in Barcelona

From now on Football Club Barcelona supporters sitting in the recently opened ‘animation tier’ at the club’s famous Camp Nou stadium, will enjoy a special sound experience thanks to the FCB8 – an exclusively customized loudspeaker designed by Amate Audio especially for the job.

The technical requirements for this project were extremely demanding. The installation covers an extensive area from just 16 fixed speaker points, using cabinets with an ultra-compact form factor – with drivers no bigger than 8” – but with the extended coverage capability more commonly associated with speaker systems three times the size. To achieve the required SPL levels for such an application would commonly require 12”, 15” or even larger drivers, the diminutive FCB8 custom design however fulfils the requirements perfectly.

The installation deploys 16 FCB8 systems installed along the barrier separating the stand from the pitch, in the area immediately behind the goal. The FCB8 systems are amplified with 5 HD4000 amplifiers amplifiers providing total reliability and the full dynamic power required for the application.

Amate Audio’s FCB8 speaker system has been developed to reproduce especially high SPLs and the widest possible signal coverage, by means of state-of-the-art transducers. These provide outstanding vocal clarity in articulating the commentary of the MC to the fans at the animation tier, making sure supporters give their all during the 90 minute match.

The high performance components specifically selected for FCB8 (8″ neodymium driver with 2.5″ voice coil, for mid and low frequencies + a compression driver coupled to an asymmetrical dispersion horn) coalesce in a great little speaker system that delivers exceptional power, coverage and sound quality.

There are many symbols that represent Barcelona and one of the most well-known of these is the FCB (Fútbol Club Barcelona), a sporting and cultural icon recognised around the world.

Natàlia Milán, Amate Audio engineer and head of the acoustic design, shares her thoughts: “Placing sound in a sporting installation is always a difficult task; there are so many factors influencing and affecting both the sound pressure level, as well as the quality and clarity of the signal being reproduced. Of course, every project is special but this one was extraordinary. Designing acoustic systems like FCB8, to be installed at the football stadium where I’ve experienced so many passion and excitement as a supporter and a member of the club … is just a dream!

This project is another opportunity for Amate Audio to affirm its origins and its relationship with the city of Barcelona, in naming these exclusive speaker systems FCB8.