Operación triunfo, great sound creating television history

On October 22, 2001, was launched what would go onto become one of the greatest success stories in Spanish television, Operación Triunfo. A televised contest to promote the careers of singers trying to succeed in the music business, it drew record numbers of viewers, achieving the highest ever viewing figures for a Spanish TV production.

Six years after the final show of the final series was broadcast, OT returns once again and, this time, is here to stay. The production is filmed around a main performance set, with sound stage and live audience, and a 1200 square meter “academy”in which the contestants live, train and rehearse. Amate Audio was selected to provide sound systems throughout all of the the production facilities, with more than 100 active loudspeaker systems, from our Xcellence, Joker and very latest NITID series.

Xcellence, Joker and NITID products offer unparalleled electroacoustic support during production of the return series of Operación Triunfo, which kicked off with a viewing audience of some 2,7 million people. Our systems are playing an essential role throughout the production of the entire series, which has a 3 month run on RTVE, Spain’s leading public TV channel.

In particular the Xcellence series X210 line arrays, partnered with X18T subs, provide the main stage PA; together with the new X12CLA constant curvature line array providing additional frontfill and outfill systems. The X14T, a versatile dual role coaxial system for use in both monitor and FOH PA roles, provide the main PA in the academy’s general rehearsal room, and stage monitoring on the main set.

Our new NITID series also features on set. High performance N12SM stage monitors are used as monitor for rehearsals at the academy. Additionally, high performance N26 columns performing near field applications in academy rehearsal rooms, and the larger N46 model being used in the living room of the academy. Meanwhile the N36 – our first 3x 6” design – also fulfils frontfill applications on the stage.

With filming continuing apace on the series, Amate Audio’s systems continue to provide high performance sound reinforcement throughout the production facilities, for Operación Triunfo’s live audience and contestants alike, until the end of the show; which hopefully will be the beginning of many successful musical careers.