M.I City

MI City is is a brand new, purpose built music lounge located in Qingyuan city in Guangdong Province in mainland China. Fitting it out with a suitably scaled, high performance audio installation was a major project. 

Amate Audio regional distributor – Hong Kong based Majestic Trading Company – installed an extensive Amate Audio system throughout the music club, primarily centred around an X210P line array system and JK218W4 subs. Majestic Trading Company supplied and installed the system comprising a total of 53 cabinets distributed throughout the two floor, 628 square meter club area. 

The main FOH system comprises two strings of six X210P line array elements, flown either side of the extensive DJ booth, with a total of eight JK218W4 subs aligned along the front of structure. Further down the room, flown above the centrally located bar, delayed left and right strings of five X210P elements ensure full signal coverage for the tables and seating in the area beyond the bar; along with a further four JK218W4 subs in delay positions, and 10 more in boundary positions around the wider area of the club. Six pieces of X15LTP provide booth monitoring (x2) and coverage in ‘alcove’ areas behind and to either side of the DJ position. Coverage in upper floor area is provided with four 2-way JK15 systems and three more JK218W4 subs.

Such an extensive installation across such a site requires some considerable room calibration and system tuning prior to and after setup.

“During planning stage, we used EASE Focus to calculate the height and angle required to position and fly the X210P cabinets,” says Majestic Trading Company’s team leader, Frankie Ma. “After installation we used AFMG SYS TUNE to fine tune the system.

“At the end of it all our client was very satisfied with the Amate Audio products, and in the future they are looking to role out the M.I. City bar brand throughout mainland China.”