Las Tres Puertas

Amate Audio live performance PA for joint RTVE / Antonio Banderas production arts and culture show

Spain’s RTVE national state-owned public-service television broadcaster has teamed up with Antonio Banderas’ television production company, Teatro Soho Televisión (TST), to produce ‘Las Tres Puertas’, a new arts and culture show for its flagship TVE La 1 channel.

Presented by María Casado, a distinguished journalist and news presenter, and a key member of Banderas’ production team, the programme combines a series of guest interviews with luminaries from the worlds of culture, science, politics, business and sport with live performances from artists from both Spain and around the world.

The weekly programme is produced live in RTVE’s Studio 6 in Sant Cugat, just north of Barcelona. A production feature a the stark and visually arresting set, the appearance of which changes every week. In keeping with the set design, the sound stage requires an especially low-profile, but high performance PA system. Sound designer Roc Mateu and Amate Audio’s Industrial Designer Llusà, worked together, specifying a fully self-powered, self processing system, comprising latest compact, point-source models from the Amate Audio Xcellence series.

“For the main PA, two of the new X102FD dual 10” systems are pole mounted on X18T subs,” says Llusà. “They were chosen for their small size in relation to their quality and power.”

Additionally, five of the very latest X14FD low profile, single 14” coaxial models are deployed in floor-monitor mode. A dual purpose design, the X14FD is both a highly effective FoH cabinet and a premium performance monitor system, featuring Amate Audio’s latest Active+™ integrated self-power and 64 bit DSP system management platform. “These were chosen  to test the application of Amate Audio’s latest technologies in a high performance floor monitor,” continues Llusà. “In particular the Active+ system preset that phase aligns it perfectly with the X102FD and provides enhanced voice controlled zero microphone feedback issues.”

And the title, ‘Las Tres Puertas’? Well that explanation lies in an old Spanish fable.


Equipment used: