Strong growth in Korean worship sector for Amate Audio’s ‘smart’ compact line arrays

Daelim Musical, Amate Audio’s long time exclusive distribution partner in South Korea, has been installing Amate Audio line array systems extensively in churches throughout the country. Over the previous 14 months the company has installed Amate Audio systems in more than nine churches.

The largest of these, in the First Presbyterian Church in Wonju city, comprises 16x Nitíd N208 1500 W active, self-powered line array cabinets and 2x 2500 W N18W sub bass cabinets, flown in L – R strings. A majority of the installations, however, have deployed Amate Audio’s Xcellence series X12CLA ultra-compact constant curvature array.

An, advanced, active and self-powered constant curvature array, the X12CLA provides extraordinary levels of performance, in terms of quality, output levels and signal coverage. A custom designed isophasic wave-guide, and 2.5 inch titanium diaphragm neodymium driver, achieves exceptional throw with consistent frequency and directivity. Matched with a single lightweight 12 inch LF driver, also specifically developed for the design, the resultant full frequency response extends all the way down to 58Hz, with continuous output levels of up to 129 dB. The X12CLA provides 15˚, 30˚,45˚ or 60˚ vertical directivity, in arrays one two, three or four cabinets respectively.

Since March 2020 Daelim has designed and installed five sound systems in churches featuring the X12CLA array together with the  X18T active sub; with left and right flown strings comprising an X18T sub and four X12CLAs: Seo Won Church in the city of Cheongju, Mu Guk Central Holiness Church in Eumseong city, Yumchang Central Church in Seoul, Chuncheon Gwangyum Church in the city of Chuncheon and Jangheung Central Church in the city of Jangheung.

Daelim Musical General Manager Sun Uk Ji states, “Four cabinets of X12CLA will provide 110˚ x 60˚ with a fully uniform coverage for a hall throughout two floors.” While Mr. Ji references power and performance in determining his customers’ preference for the X12CLA over products from competing brands, he is also highly appreciative of the onboard DSP system management in greatly reducing the time required to install, tune and fully commission an installation. “The X12CLA has active power amplifier and digital signal processing. The system control parameters can be set to expectation and then quickly modified by wi-fi when the cabinets are flown in position.”

Mr. Ji also cites long delays available within the DSP, enabling cabinets, flown or fixed as fills for dead areas, to be rapidly time-aligned with the main system; ensuring equivalent signal coverage throughout almost any auditorium. “The resultant sound is very homogeneous and stable, and will need little or no additional equalization to achieve exceptional levels of quality,” he concludes.