Jack Rotterdam Restaurant

The restaurant that ’Jack House’ built Rotterdam, Netherlands

JACK’S is a restaurant where 30 year of dance music and great foodcoalesce. Billed as ‘the world’s first restaurant where dance culture is central’, food, style and sound are the big features.

A former techno DJ, Jack also developed concepts for hotels and restaurants. When it came to opening his own place, the concept was ready made. Amate Audio’s Benelux distributor, Imagination AV (also based in Rotterdam) was charged with specifying and installing a sound system, in the long beautifully arched venue, that would meet the demands of both dining and dancing with equal measures of quality. 

On the dance floor, eight Nitid N6P cabinets and two N12WP subs are powered by three HD2000 amps. Providing the same full range sound but at considerably lower SPLs in the dining area, are 10 lower profile B8 cabinets, powered with HD1200 amplifiers and controlled with a DSP608 loudspeaker management system. 

Jack proclaims himself to be very happy with the result; with the system equally providing high quality sound for dinning and dancing, without the need for a separate additional system on the dance floor.