Glowgolf & Hollywood Cafe

Glowgolf & Hollywood Cafe.

A world of fantasy, dreams and sometimes nightmares

Enter the Glowgolf & Hollywood Cafe and you enter a world of fantasy, dreams and sometimes nightmares. Its walls display fantastical mythical characters and Hollywood legends from the big screen. Master Yoda, Betty Boop, The Gremlins, Chucky, King Kong and others occupy a space with walls decorated with famous album covers and poster artwork from classic movies and tv shows. Characters and the memorabilia share the cafe with Amate Audio solutions that provide the nostalgic soundtrack while you grab a coffee, enjoy a meal – or play “Glowgolf”!

The Glowgolf fluorescent mini golf course is a uniquely peculiar experience, even more so if you play with the 3D glasses on offer. Joker passive solutions are installed throughout the venue. Due to the demands of the interior design, JK10 10 two-way point source cabinets and their respective JK18W1 subwoofers are all flown from the ceiling. Power and control are provided from HD800, HD3200 and HD400 amplifiers, and a DSP608 processor.

At weekends the Hollywood Cafe features a programme of live music, piano recitals, DJ sessions and other special events. At Glowgolf & Hollywood Cafe you can disconnect from your mundane reality and immerse yourself in a world of cinematic fantasy, food and drink, and luminous golf – accompanied by great sound.