Cin Cin bar @ Oasia hotel Downtown – Singapore

Cin Cin is situated next to the lobby of outstanding Oasia Hotel Downtown. It has been open a little more than a year and has already become a favoured sanctuary to the secrets of gin. Several Amate Audio systems are one more ingredient in this sybarite mix.

Amate Audio 8” B8 loudspeaker systems, designed for multipoint configuration, are elegant and discreet. Its quality performance and exceptional reliability fulfills the requirements of the installation. Additionally, 24 CS6MC/T ceiling speakers have been installed throughout the venue, their optimised frequency response ensures or exceptional signal clarity, while the stylish design inconspicuously blends with the decor. The system is amplified with HD800 power amplifiers.

Located in the heart of the Tanjong Pagar district, Cin Cin finds its inspiration in the refined glamour of the 1920s and the Prohibition Era. Sage green walls mirror the emerald padded stools and sofas, while bronze ceiling fans rotate hypnotically beneath a sloped, cobalt roof. A sleek logo depicting a fox holding a key in its mouth gazes across the long counter, in a bar that displays an imposing wall of over 40 types of gin and other liqueurs.

Whether your tipple is boutique gins or gin-inspired cocktails Cin Cin has your poison, with over over 500 different ways to build your own Martinis and G&T’s.

We would like to thank our distributor in Singapoure, KM Distribution Pte Ltd, for the information.