Sfëar-sa3d Installation In Ovnew

March 30, 2021

OVNEW is the world’s first 3D sound restaurant.

Looking like a flying saucer that landed atop the 105 meter Hesperia Tower Hotel, Barcelona, OVNEW is the world’s first 3D sound restaurant.
Its SFËAR 3D audio system employs 26x Amate Audio SA3D active loudspeakers with advanced 3D processing that moves the audio, in specially recorded 3D soundtracks, throughout the domed structure, for a unique listening and dining experience.

The restaurant – named by combining ‘OV’ (OVNI being the Spanish acronym for UFO) and ‘NEW’ – is the brainchild of chefs, Jon Giraldo and Jaime Lieberman, and is described as an experience born from the ‘neurogastronomía’.

“Amate Audio and SFËAR now have a platform to build on, and they can look ahead to future projects, all the while knowing, they have been part of this landmark installation at OVNEW.”

Amate Audio SA3D OVNEW installation

Four different Amate Audio loudspeaker models have been installed in OVNEW. The most important of these for the spatial audio are the ones hanging in the dome; 26 Nitid N26-SA3D – a SA3D enabled version of the standard Nitid N26 with Dante input. These provide the ‘smart’ FIR filtering for the 3D sound in the dome.

10 Amate Audio Nítid N10’s are used for the inner ring, which enhances the immersive sensation, for guests seated outside of the central sweet spot. Around the ring there are eight N12W subwoofers, which provide low-end reinforcement.

These also incorporate an element of FIR filtering to provide 3D movement within the low frequencies; something that is critical in ensuring a realistically immersive 3D sound experience.

15 Amate Audio KEY8A’s – an active version of the company’s KEY8, are specially made for OVNEW with a customised ‘facing the floor’ EQ preset, as they are installed under the dining tables to provide dinners a more personally focused listening experience.