50 years of advanced sound systems

We have always been at the forefront of innovation.

Great sound from Barcelona since 1972

Throughout that time many of our ground breaking designs and engineering firsts – some of them deemed crazy at the time – have gone on to become industry standards. Now, with 50 years of experience, Amate Audio continues the evolutionary journey started by Amate Electroacustica and its Master Audio trading brand; reaffirming a commitment to our heritage and to be recognised in the future by the name of our founder.

Our passionate commitment to audiophile sound and uncompromising engineering design, ensures it will be a future full of new possibilities, new ideas and yet to be imagined solutions to ever greater challenges, in pursuit of our vision of perfect sound in any application.
A future we want to share with you

It all started in my youth when I began modifying old radios, trying – not always successfully – to improve the power output and achieve a better sound. I had developed a passion – maybe even an obsession – to do something to enable the beauty, power and nuance of a musical performance to be heard in a more perfect, natural way.

In 1972, as Amate Electroacústica, we gathered together a group of professionals who were passionate about music and sound, and went into production with our first speaker and amplifier designs. These were sufficiently successful to let us know we were on the right track.

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" I had developed a passion to do something to enable the beauty, power and nuance of a musical performance to be heard in more perfect, natural way"

Juan Amate, Founder and CEO 

Jordi Amate, Sales Manager and Joan Amate R&D

Legacy and future

Start up

The company was founded By Juan Amate in Terrassa-Barcelona.

AD series

First power amplifier in the world with built-in clip limiter circuit.

TP 700

World's first three-channel power amplifier with built-in active.


First three-way parametric, fully- configurable analog processor.
Starts worldwide distribution 1990


World's first mains 400 V electronic over voltage protection.

MD System

Revolutionary processing amplifier with feedback control from MD.

AT350 · ASW400

Master audio launches the first active system so far.

Line array active

First built-in DSP system. Computes control via RS485.

Xcellence Series

A new benchmark in loudspeaker design.

Joker Series

Perfect for rental and fixed installations.

Key Series

Offers new possibilities and specially help to make a statement.


New B5A. Multipurpose stereo active system.

DSP & HD Series

Digital loudspeakers management system.

Xcellence Disco Series

Carefully designed to deliver a high sound pressure level.


Processing amplifier was first released back in 1986. Its unique 3-in-1 topology.

Nítid Series

Systems employ the very latest digital amplification.


The G7 is a premium installation loudspeaker with a unique design.
1972 Beginnings
1985 AD Series
1989 TP 700
1990 Starts worldwide distribution
1990 DPU
1993 MD System
1995 AT350 · ASW400
2005 Line Array Active
2009 Xcellence Series
2012 Joker Series
2013 Key Series
2014 B5A
2015 DSP & HD Series
2015 Xcellence Disco Series
2016 TPD
2017 Nítid Series
2020 G7

We love what we do

In addition, we collaborate closely with experts from local universities and technology centres in many fields of engineering development, allowing us to continually acquire knowledge of the latest experimental research.

Constant trials and testing of the application of materials and resistance of components are carried out day to day, to obtain the highest possible electronic and acoustic performance.

The Amate Audio product catalogue provides solutions to cover the vast majority of possible system requirements, across the widest range of conventional applications.

At Amate Audio we are convinced of the importance of research, teamwork and the application of cutting edge technology.
In our Research and Development department, a team of passionate young engineers and researchers painstakingly works towards perfecting our sound systems; integrating the latest processing technologies and acoustic components, in designs that provide innovative solutions and exceed performance expectations.

The latter is one of the most modern in Europe, in terms of its size and its automation and control systems, and won us the 2009 Innovation Award from the Terrassa Chamber of Commerce.

Amate Audio is an international company, recognised in 50 countries around the world where more than 90% of our products are sold.

As well as countless installations in clubs, bars, theatres and auditoriums, Amate Audio provides sound systems for stadiums in the Netherlands, Spain and Turkey. We have equipped vast churches in South Korea, and two of the largest, synchronized music fountains in the world; in Montjuïc in Barcelona and Goyang, South Korea.

Special mention must also be made of the many rental companies who operate their businesses on the basis of the trust they place in Amate Audio products.

Honors and awards


Innovative SME

Valid until Nov 10th 2023



Sustaining Member


Chamber of Commerce

Innovation Award Winner 2009

Chamber of Commerce

Innovation Award Winner 2017