The accurate design of Xcellence XW118 achieves the lowest bass notes​

A discrete outer structure hides an elaborate inner design with asymmetric walls, reinforced to minimize internal standing waves to obtain high dynamics and quality sound reproduction.

An 18″ transducer/woofer/speaker with magnetic neodymium set and a 4″ – 15mm xmax voice coil inside a birchwood cabinet that minimizes standing waves, therefore achieving a continuous 133dB output in musical program. This is also due to the addition of new diffusers that improve the system’s features besides giving a touch of design in aluminium. 

“When a sound system is created, there’s a continuous compromise between volume, performance and frequencies. In the case of the XW118 the achieved balance between size and power is nearly impossible to beat, so anyone will be thrilled with the savings it will bring to their installation or event,” claims sales manager Jordi Amate, who is aware of budget optimisation through the proper selection of a product depending on the needs of the application. 

The performance achieved by a system with such compact dimensions – 555 x 740 x 748 mm – leaves no room for indifference, in which this 18” woofer with direct laminar bass reflex radiation, along with detailed electronics, conclude in one of the lightest products on the market weighing  only 56.8kg.

The XW118 is the perfect companion to any element from the Xcellence series; built out of birch plywood with a Polyurea coating, ready to handle even the most demanding applications. The pole mount m20 and the hardware developed to hang the sub through the customised BRXW bumper as well as the KR rigging kit are added to the list of its versatility options achieved thanks to its size-performance ratio. As a consequence, it is the solution for the most challenging events, pointing out events where a cardioid is required; has a preset that qualifies a 3-unit configuration to have a 20dB reduction in low frequencies perceived on stage. The exclusive software developed by Amate Audio also allows us to save our favourite configurations on our computer and/or on the sound system itself.

As in the complete Xcellence series, the XW118 also integrates the Active+™ control platform, with a 3.5″ GUI (Graphical User Interface) colour touchscreen, allowing an optimised and visual configuration.

“This is our first 18″ subwoofer that receives the latest Active+ platform,” explains Joan Amate, R&D manager. “We have meticulously studied different formats until finding the perfect balance in which amplification, electronics, performance, shape, size and weight harmonize in an XCELLENCE product with Amate Audio guarantee”.

2500W of 3rd generation Class D amplification with DSP control, where the following parameters can be configured: gain, SPL limiter, cross-over, and parametric equalization settings; all ingeniously designed to optimize its configuration most easily and intuitively possible. The option of ethernet or wifi control is possible through the Amate Audio DSPStudio™ application, along with Active+ enabling Dante™ system connection.

Advanced FIR (Finite Impulse Response), with well over 2000 coefficients, is principally employed in providing total system phase linearity, ensuring no group delays across the frequency response; including within very high-order parametric EQs. Active+ provides extensive parametric EQ options and system delays in excess of 100 meters.

A new iteration of Amate Audio’s proprietary over-voltage circuit provides even more robust levels of protection; which, in combination with the universal power supply’s power factor correction, ensures safe operation of the XW118 under adverse and unstable severe mains conditions up to 400 volts.