Even greater power, clarity and instant control

Nítid is a comprehensive range of active, self-powered and passive compact loudspeaker systems, optimized for fixed installation and portable sound reinforcement applications.

The Nítid S-series is a next generation evolution, deploying Amate Audio’s latest power and control technologies in symbiosis with further advances in design and electro-acoustic engineering. The S-series achieves even higher levels of operational and sonic performance and style, unique in this product class, with ultra-compact, low profile enclosures.

Unique design

The new S-series builds on the success and innovation of the original Nítid designs, with further form factor optimisation and improved aesthetics. Even lighter and more compact cabinets are more ruggedised and ergonomically engineered for ease of handling. Inclined, recessed moulded connector plates provide better security and environmental protection. And the world’s most acoustically transparent professional loudspeaker grille is improved.

Touchscreen control

Amate Audio’s latest generation DSP system management is integrated with 3rd generation Class D amplification, with operation and monitoring via an intuitive rear-panel colour touchscreen GUI. Included are powerful system presets– engineered by Amate Audio’s R&D team – that instantly configure the loudspeaker system for a majority of common applications and speaker couplings within seconds, prior to rigging or installation.

The perfect balance

An ongoing programme of research and development ensures that Nítid series loudspeakers continue to achieve the highest levels of output and performance from the most compact enclosure designs, in an unrivalled synthesis of engineering and aesthetic form.

Amazing performance

Nítid’s onboard ‘plug & play’ power and control platform power integrates advanced high-order FIR filtering, in the S-series, for fully phase coherent PEQ adjustment and absolute phase alignment of common cabinet couplings. The DSP manages the relevant amplifier gain, limiting, cross-over settings and alignment delays, consistently providing previously unattainable levels of system performance – in an instant.

Next generation 2-channel, 64-bit DSP loudspeaker system control /
Amate Audio’s industry leading colour touchscreen GUI operation.
Powerful R&D’d system presets for instantaneous setup.

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