The latest iteration of Amate Audio’s DSPStudio enhances the remote control of Xcellence systems with ACTIVE+ platform via Ethernet/Wi-Fi.

DSPStudio3 maintains the familiar onscreen appearance but incorporates significant feature enhancements: ultra fast auto-detection of connected components – automatically detected at startup – and faster refresh rate of value.

Full ACTIVE+ support  includes limiters with multichannel gain reduction indication, selectable ECO mode, tilt sensor indication and calibration, new FIR/IIR all-pass filters, 200 meter delay, mains condition and amplifier channel temperature monitoring.

Touchscreen laptop operation is also supported.

Configure your wifi network

Detect loudspeakers

Setup audio settings

Enjoy the sound

Enjoyable from the beginning

Straightforward, modern and user-friendly interface. Never before was so nice to setup a system.

Effortless auto-detection that let you add intuitively each cabinet into a layout before adjusting its position.

Get full control

Comprehensive information about input and output levels, heat-sink temperature, clip and protection indicators.

Edit until the finest detail of parameters such as crossover frequency, gain, limiter, polarity, delay, five custom parametric EQs or an array of filter shapes.

Intuitive Organization

Organize and control several cabinets quickly and easily.
Links for two or more identical cabinets, or as groups of varying models.

Optimized layout grid for any project size

Flexibility like never before

Bespoke control protocol that supports Wi-Fi connectivity (control over IP). CWK-D wireless communication kit needed.

Edit processor values easily from any spot in the venue.