APRIL 4, 2017

Yang Cheon Church

Gangseo – South Korea

In the Gangseo district of Seoul, we find another example of the great results achievable when deploying Amate Audio solutions in a house of worship.

In the modern minimalist surrounds of Yang Cheon Church a flown stereo configuration, comprising 4x Xcellence X12CLA 12″constant curvature array systems hung beneath an X18T 18″ subwoofer a side, providing the main PA.

Further reinforcement for specific areas, ensuring includes point source solutions from the B, Key and Joker series, including the KEY10, KEY12, JK26 and B8. All systems are processed by a DSP608 loudspeaker management system and powered with HD800 and HD1200 power amps.

Yang Cheon Church shows the versatility of Amate Audio solutions in addressing applications of all types and scale. All of which is the direct result of our philosophy of precision design engineering, and more than 44 years experience in manufacturing advanced sound systems.

We would like to thank Daelim Musical Instruments, Amate Audio official distributor for South Korea, for the information.


X12CLA array systems

X18T subwoofers

JK26 point source systems

KEY12 point source systems

key10-perspective-amate-audio2 KEY10 point source systems

B8 multipoint systems

B5A_black_persperctive_w-nsB5A multipoint systems

HD800 amplifiers

DSP608 signal processor

HD1200 amplifiers