Xcellence is the response of Amate Audio to the challenge of creating high-end products, a compromise to deliver our best and share with you our passion, the search for the best sound.

Xcellence means combining the latest available technologies, an extreme care for the finest details and a user friendly design, in order to create a product that meets the most demanding applications with Xcellent performance.

Xcellence line array setup in just 30 minutes!

Design & engineering


Built for the most demanding applications

Xcellence series’ compact design, combined with its high output, makes it extremely versatile.
It is ideal for both rental companies and fixed installations where high performance and outstanding quality are required.

Theatres, churches, concert halls and a whole host of other venues will find Xcellence to be the perfect loudspeaker system.

Complete control in your hands

Xcellence series incorporates the latest technologies, in both electro-acoustic design and DSP, with Amate Audio’s ACTIVE +™ integrated power and control platform.

This affords the loudspeaker systems their amazing performance and rapid and intuitive set up and configuration capabilities.


Design in every detail

We have invested in, and applied, the very best knowledge, materials and technology to deliver the ultimate product. Features such as the precision-made, ergonomic handles and metallic finish stainless steel grilles speak for themselves.

Not only do they contribute to an extraordinary look, they also allow for comfortable handling or protection against moisture, rain and dust.

Durability and aesthetics

Xcellence cabinets are coated with an extremely high-resistant, bi-component Polyurea® material, for robust protection and durability in the toughest hire and touring applications.

The treatment bonds hermetically to wood surfaces, following every angle and curve, for a stunning finish and a watertight seal.

Acoustic features

Premium custom components

Xcellence series has been precision engineered with customised components that optimize the acoustic properties of each cabinet design. Customising transducers, control circuits, user interfaces, horns and waveguides, allows us to achieve the highest attainable levels of system performance.

Exclusive waveguide: greater performance

Amate Audio’s engineering team has succeeded in achieving waveguide designs with consistent amplitude with exceptionally long throw. The isophasic waveguide assembly, loaded with multiple Neodymium drivers, has been designed exclusively for our line array systems.

The result is unsurpassed levels of performance with side lobe-free vertical dispersion and crystal clear response at high frequencies.


Acoustical prediction for better installations

Free EASE and EASE FOCUS 3 libraries allow you to predict the performance of a specific Xcellence system in any given space, prior to installation.

Powerful EASE software calculates 3D coverage maps, speech intelligibility, reverberation times and other acoustical parameters – even before the room itself is built.


Precise acoustic design

High-end speaker systems require an accurate acoustic cabinet design. Our engineering team deploys complex, powerful physical and electro-acoustical calculation software to achieve optimum performance from every component.

The cabinet and all of its components: transducers, waveguides, capacitors, even the protective grille. All must perform optimally within a complex unified electro-acoustic system.


Electronic features

DSP Studio® control software

Adjust even the finest details with Amate Audio‘s DSP Studio® control software.

DSP Studio® control software provides remote control of parameters; gain (per way), limiter, polarity, delay and custom parametric EQs can all be managed via software. Several elements may be controlled at the same time using grouping functions. The software also gives comprehensive information about the amplifier status: input and output levels, heat-sink temperature, clip and protection indications.

DSP Studio® is available for PC and iPad.

Digital power and control technologies

All Xcellence systems feature cutting-edge digital electronics, including high performance AD/DA converters.

DSP with powerful processing capabilities and 48–bit/96 kHz infernal architecture provide precision crossover filters, parametric EQ, limiters, and additional advanced processing features. The DSP is perfectly matched with a third-generation Class-D amplification, in Amate Audio’s ACTIVE +™ integrated power and control platform, ensuring full control of the power delivered to the loudspeakers at all times.

Amate Audio’s exclusive overvoltage protection

Our unique, innovative over-voltage protection circuit continuously monitors line voltage and instantly disconnects Xcellence series systems when it detects that line voltage has exceeded the máximum permissible level.
The system will restart automatically when mains voltage returns to normal levels.

Ethernet connectivity and wireless control

Full system remote control and monitoring Xcellence systems can be remotely controlled and monitored via Ethernet. The bespoke control protocol also supports Wi-Fi connectivity, using wireless access points. Each Xcellence system has a built-in two-port switch for simplified wiring.