Master Audio Audio is among Europe’s technology leaders within pro audio. We create advanced solutions to the most demanding sound reinforcement requirements. Our main focus today is on active speaker systems and line arrays with the latest digital technology inside. Vast experience, passion for audio performance, innovative engineering and cost-effective manufacturing are our key quality factors. The company was founded in 1972 by Juan Antonio Amate, who is still active as both General Manager and Research & Development Director. Master Audio headquarters and factory are located in Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain.


It all started in my youth when I began to modify old radios, looking for more power – often with disappointing results. When you love what you do, you try to do your best at it. In my case I knew that something had to be done so that all the beauty, power and nuance of a voice, a melody or a rock concert could reach the human ear in the most perfect, natural state.
It was the time when Hi-Fi, LPs and vinyl singles ruled. Gone were the privately organised parties that we held in our homes as the doors opened up to large concerts.
Back in 1972, Amate Electroacústica began its journey. Soon after we gathered together a group of professionals who were passionate about music and we launched the first speakers and amplifiers that were successful enough to let us know we were on the right track.
That was over 40 years ago, yet our vocation remains the same to this day.
Innovation, quality and service.
This is our way. — Juan Amate, Founder and CEO.


At Master Audio we are convinced of the importance of research, teamwork and the application of cutting edge technologies.
At our Research and Development department, a team of passionate engineers and researchers diligently work towards perfecting our sound systems, incorporating the latest processes and technologies for innovative solutions in sound reproduction.
Our test laboratory features the most modern tools for both design and creation of new products, as well as quality control and product analysis. Two anechoic chambers installed at our facilities help us achieve the highest standards; one is used for quality control while the other is devoted exclusively to research. The latter is one of the most modern in Europe, both in terms of its size and its automation and control systems, which deservedly won us the 2009 Innovation Award from the Chamber of Commerce, Terrassa.

design & product

A smart design is key to us. Our products must deliver an optimal acoustic performance, but they must also facilitate a quick and successful application.

In addition, close collaboration with experts from universities and technology centres in our local area allows us to constantly acquire the knowledge necessary to accomplish our goals. Hundreds of trials, testing, application of materials and resistance of components, are carried out day by day to obtain the highest performance. The wide range of products presented by Master Audio covers the vast majority of specifications required of conventional systems. Master Audio also offers its clients advice on product application and development of customised products for singular applications.

Keep growing – keep expanding – be international

Master Audio is an international company recognised in over 40 countries around the world, where more than 90% of our products are sold. As well as countless installations in clubs, pubs, theatres and auditoriums, Master Audio provides sound systems for stadiums in Holland, Spain and Turkey.
We have equipped large churches in South Korea, and two of the largest, synchronized music fountains in the world: those of Montjuïc in Barcelona and Goyang, South Korea. Our systems can be found at mosques in Syria and Indonesia, amusement parks in Germany, discotheques across the Mediterranean and South East Asia, university auditoriums and education centres in Latin America, congress centres, private and public entities.
Special mention must also go to the many rental companies that base their business on the trust they place in Master Audio equipment.

we love what we do – just like you!

To democratize professional audio, paving the way for high quality sound to professionals worldwide who love great sound.

Create advanced, high quality solutions for professional audio with competitive prices through straightforward design and smart technology.
Deliver to our customer an excellent user experience, loyal service and optimal Return to Investment (ROI).

Our job and our passion is to help you create environments of high-quality audio from advanced sound systems.
You are an essential part of the entire process.
You are the very thing that keeps our passion alive.
You work, sing, speak, listen and, especially, enjoy: you are Master Audio!