We All Love 80-90-00’s @ Heineken Music Hall

Amsterdam – Netherlands

We All Love 80-90-00’s was a big party held at Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, with the performance of Ben Saunders & The Dirty Daddies as well as the best music selection from 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s while the VJ team took them back in time with the most fabulous retro graphics, images and projections relating to those wonderful years.

Several line array systems from Xcellence series were used to create an amazing sound coverage, as well as JK12MA stage monitors from Joker series.

This party is presented by the radio station RADIO 10 and organized by UNOMODO, an important music promoter that organizes different events across The Netherlands.

Heineken music hall is the only venue in The Netherlands that is designed especially for amplified (pop) music. According to the experts, the acoustics in the Black Box (the main hall in the Heineken Music Hall) are nowhere to be found better. No other venue has been nominated multiple times for the Pollstar Awards as ‘Best International Music Venue’. The Heineken Music Hall is far more than just four walls and a roof. For live-music lovers it is a total experience!

Thanks to our friends HMF sound and light for the info and the event coverage.
Equipment list:
12+12 X210 line array systems
4+4 X215W subwoofers

8+8 X208 line array systems
8+8 X218W subwoofers
(newer version X218W3K)

4 JK12MA point source systems

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