October 3, 2016

Seminario Vietnam @ Amate Audio

Vietnamese customers visit and share the experience of making advanced sound systems at Amate Audio headquarters

On September 20th and 21st Amate Audio had an intensive seminar at our headquarters which helped us to strengthen ties with customers and friends from Vietnam.

The first day of the seminar was held at our factory and started with a warm welcome and a brief introduction about the evolution of the company, afterwards the attendees could visit our facilities and see some of the processes about the manufacturing of our acoustic solutions. Following, Daniel Bartolomé, product application engineer, explained Joker series highlights to the customers, which could listen different systems as well as trying different configurations.

strengthen ties with customers and friends from Vietnam

If the first day was “Joker“, the second certainly had to be Xcellence. This presentation and demonstration was made at La torre del Conill where our guests were able to listen ,compare and enjoy the different configurations and possibilities offered by Xcellence series in an outdoor venue. Besides the already known X14T, X208 solutions and the X18T, X218W3K subwoofers; customers could see the outdoor possibilities of the constant curvature array system X12CLA and the power of the 21 inches X21T subwoofers.

Daniel Bartolomé along with Paco Rodriguez, also Amate Audio’s product applications engineer, led the X210 line array demonstration with a configuration of 10 units with five subwoofers X218W3K. In addition to the listening of these systems, Vietnamese customers received some tips regarding line array alignment with subwoofers.

The morning was about of the X12CLA outdoor capabilities, at night it was the turn in an indoor installation. To close a remarkable day, customers could enjoy the Amate Audio solutions installed at Number One club, also located in Terrassa, in a relaxed and private session with part of Amate Audio staff. We are very glad of our customer feedback; they were very impressed by the whole sound at the venue, especially for the main configuration 3 + 3 X12CLA with 2 subwoofer X218W3K.
Good music, great sound and amazing people!

Thanks to all customers for coming and especially Media Equipment Joinstock, our official distributor in Vietnam for their collaboration and delivery before and during the seminar.