MAY 9, 2017

Hora Punta Show

Barcelona – Spain

Hora Punta’ (Rush Hour) is a new TV production from the national Spanish broadcaster TVE, hosted by Javier Cárdenas. The show is a mix of popular news stories and media items that do not usually feature on mainstream television.

Several Amate Audio systems combine with the show’s agile format and cocktail of infotainment and fun. Items include reviews of viral videos and current affairs, and segments featuring the like mentalism, magic and live music performances, among others. The central studio highlight are the interviews with various guests, all with incredible stories to tell.

The on-set sound system comprises several X14T point source systems from the Xcellence series, a revolutionary new 14” coaxial loudspeaker with the LF performance characteristics usual in a 15” driver, combined with mid frequency vocal clarity of a 12″ transducer. An outstanding stage monitor, it is also configurable as a main PA, cabinet, in this instance flown and focused on the audience and the presenters. In addition, throughout the grandstand there several 6″ B6T multi-point systems have been installed, for their great performance, sound quality and reliability. Finally, two B5A multipurpose active systems have been installed behind the presenters for targeted specific announcements.

We would like to thank Dynamics, the chosen company for the program technical sound support.

Systems employed:

X14T PerspectiveX14T point source system

B5A multipurpose active systems

 B6T multipoint speaker system