APRIL 18, 2015

Trainer Dog & Cat Wellness event

Belgrade – Serbia

Last March 10th the pet magazine “Revija mačaka” held an event dedicated to cat lovers at the atrium of Delta City shopping mall in Belgrade – Serbia.

The event was based on a parade searching for the prettiest, more colourful and strongest cat.

There were also prizes for the noisiest, the best couple and the friendliest cat.

The crowd enjoyed a successful event with two of the newest Amate Audio products: JK46A column array speakers and JK12WA subwoofers, both from Joker series.

Two JK46A full-range column array were enough for a great sound coverage in an event for more than 100 people. JK12WA subs gave that low-end plus.

Thanks to ACOUSTIC DESIGN D.O.O, our authorized distributor in Serbia for the info.

Systems employed:

JK46A column array systems

 JK12WA subwoofers