Our customers already enjoyed
6 relaxed years of HD.
And more relaxed years are coming:
New HD/2014


More control

Adjustable power limiters

Better temperature control

New proprietary high efficiency heatsink

More affordable

New and optimized design

We all know how hard installations are.
So, here are some things you can do if you have
the reliable HD/2014 amps. Ready!

HD2014-things-to-do_web-16 HD2014-things-to-do_web-17 HD2014-things-to-do_web-18 HD2014-things-to-do_web-19 HD2014-things-to-do_web-20 HD2014-things-to-do_web-21 HD2014-things-to-do_web-22 HD2014-things-to-do_web-23 HD2014-things-to-do_web-24 HD2014-things-to-do_web-25 HD2014-things-to-do_web-26 HD2014-things-to-do_web-27 HD2014-things-to-do_web-28 HD2014-things-to-do_web-29 HD2014-things-to-do_web-30

Tell us what else will you do
when you have any of our new HD/2014 amps

– Take a picture and –

use the hashtag #hd2014relax