MARCH 22, 2017

The 1 Exclusive

Sofia – Bulgary

The 1 Exclusive in Sofia is the latest addition to the Bulgarian capital’s nightlife. A sophisticated, magical place, full of lights and impeccable audio coverage, thanks to Amate Audio systems.

Exuding style and glamour, The 1 Exclusive aspires to be the highlight of Sofia nightclubbing. Installed within the entire ceiling is a complex LED system, whose programs synchronizes with audio from the venue’s various Amate Audio solutions. Wall-to-wall mirrors enhance the effect of this audio-visual installation, creating a spectacular, immersive experience.

The incredible playground of lights and mirrors plays host to exclusive live performances nights, dance shows and themed events, all of which is complemented by the highest quality sound reproduction from the Xcellence X12CLA constant curvature array. Low frequency reinforcement is from Joker JK218W4 subwoofers, with JK10 point source systems for ancillary reinforcement throughout the club.

In the words of The 1 Exclusive’s owners:

You will see more things than you will remember and you will remember more than what you have seen

Thanks to our exclusive distributor in Bulgaria Xaudio for the info.

Systems employed:

10 X12CLA array systems

JK218W4 subwoofers

JK10-amate-audio-perspectiveJK10 point source system