Tarascon Feasts 2014 (Les Fêtes de la Tarasque)

Tarascon – France

Here you can see some photos of the concerts for more than 6000 people at Tarascon Feasts 2014 sonorized by Master Audio with Joker and Xcellence systems.

Tarascon is a photogenic town situated at the south of France and established by King René in 1474. Les Fêtes de la Tarasque is a traditional festival originated in a fifteenth-century legend which tells of a mythological creature that terrorized the inhabitants of Tarascon and commemorates the time when Santa Marta saved them from the evil beast. For this reason, the inhabitants of Tarascon celebrate this festival the last weekend of June with a varied cultural and festive program with parades, marches, serenades, night live music and fireworks.
Equipment list:
4+4 X210 Line Array systems
4+4 X218W3K Subwoofers
2+2 X15LTE Point Source systems
1x JK12MA Stage monitor
4x JK10MA Stage monitors
1x P15SMA Stage monitor
4x P26A Point Source systems

Watch part of Sheila’s concert at Tarascon here

master-audio-concert-tarascon-5 master-audio-concert-tarascon-3 master-audio-concert-tarascon-7 master-audio-concert-tarascon-12 master-audio-concert-tarascon-10
master-audio-concert-tarascon-1 master-audio-concert-tarascon-4 master-audio-concert-tarascon-6 master-audio-concert-tarascon-8 master-audio-concert-tarascon-9