November 11th, 2016

Tamasha Bar

New Delhi – India

There are not too many bars where Optimus Prime – a fictional character from the ‘Transformers’ franchise – welcomes you. Curious, right? At Tamasha, this and other arresting features – Amate Audio solutions included – help you to unwind after work, while sipping a spirit and enjoying cool music. So just your everyday bar.

Tamasha bar is a bold fusion of curiosity and creativity, over 16000 sq metres, spread across five distinct seating areas, including a rooftop terrace overlooking the busy streets of Connaught Place, the trendiest district for business and shopping in New Delhi.

Breaking the routine with a great night out demands quality dishes, mouth watering cocktails, with great atmosphere and excellent music. The sound for all of this is provided by Joker series JK10, JK12 and JK26 point source systems, with JK218W4 and JK12W subwoofers.

To ensure quality background music while eating, drinking, or enjoying live shows, the indoor ground and first floors are equipped with JK10, JK12 and JK26 point source systems, with JK218W4 and JK12W subwoofers, all from the Joker series. Courtyard and backyard zones, feature installations comprising Joker series JK10 and JK26 point source systems. The entire installation is amplified and controlled with HD amps and DSP608 signal processors.

Tamasha is a place to enjoy in indoor and outdoor spaces; to eat or drink, to sit and talk or dance, day or night. All reasons why Tamasha has been awarded ‘Restaurant of the Year 2016’ by Delhi Elite Magazine.

Many thanks to White Eagle Entertainment our authorized distributor in India for the information.

Systems employed:

4 JK10 point source systems

jk12-amate-audio4 JK12 point source systems

10x JK26 point source systems

2x JK12W subwoofers

1x JK218W4 subwoofers

2x DSP608 signal processors

7x HD2000 amplifiers

2x HD4000 amplifiers