Supercross Race

Lunel – France

On Saturday August 24th, more than 3000 people enjoyed the freestyle supercross show organized by CMX Race in Lunel – France.

The circuit had more than 100 meters long and 70 meters wide, sound equipped with 6+6 X210 line array systems with 4+4 X218 subwoofers, as sidefill 4+4 X15LTE point source systems with 2+2 X18WE subwoofers. Despite the noise of the engines Master Audio systems performed clear sound and the coverage was amazing.

The great sound also accompanied different activities as whip contest, car wash, etc… with the presence of international freestyle and supercross stars. The whole event was a great success!

Thanks to Master Audio France, our exclusive distributor in France for the info.
Equipment list:
6+6 X208 Line Array Systems
4+4 X218W3K Subwoofers
2+2 X15LTE Point Source Systems
2+2 X18WE Subwoofers

Photo credits: Kevin François Photography
Watch the official aftermovie here

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