OCTOBER 1, 2014

Starbucks Stores – Hanoi

Hanoi – Vietnam

Starbucks celebrated on July 23th the opening of the first of three stores in Hanoi, welcoming customers for the first time in Vietnam’s capital city. Located in Hanoi’s vibrant Hoan Kiem district, at the Lan Vien Hotel, this store embraces the local traditions and coffee culture.

A few days later, Starbucks opened two more stores in Hanoi on July 24th at 314 Ba Trieu and on July 31st at 59A Lý Thái Tổ, further demonstrating that Starbucks has deep commitment to the Vietnamese community, after entering the market in February of last year.

Each new Starbucks store is specifically designed to reflect the vibrant modernity of the city with an acknowledgement of the long-standing coffee heritage of Vietnam.

One of the newest Master Audio’s products B5A Multipurpose stereo active system is used in the new stores. The first impressions are very good!

Thanks to MEDIA EQUIPMENT JOIN STOCK Co., our exclusive distributor in Vietnam for the info.

Systems employed:

B5A multipurpose stereo active system