March 1, 2017

South Korea Seminar @ Amate Audio

South Korean customers attend product seminar at Amate Audio HQ in Barcelona

From February 15th to 20th, Amate Audio hosted an intensive two-day seminar at its headquarters in Terrassa – Barcelona, for its South Korean distributor and customers; strengthening ties with colleagues and friends from that country.

Day one began at our factory with a welcome and brief introduction to the company and its history by founder and CEO Juan Amate, afterwhich attendees toured the facilities viewing our manufacturing procedures, and the research and engineering processes in the design and development of our sound systems. Following on, Joan Amate, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, explained Joker series highlights, prior to a demonstration of the various systems, conducted by our product application engineer, Daniel Bartolomé.

strengthening ties with colleagues and friends from South Korea.

Customers were able to view and listen to in an outdoor demo almost the entire Joker series of compact and versatile self-powered systems – designed specifically for high performance rental and fixed installation applications; these included the highly acclaimed light-weight 4×6” active JK46A full-range column array; the 2-way 6” JK26A+ active speaker system, with remarkable sonic performance from an ultra-compact design, and the latest addition to the family, the exceptionally powerful 2-way single 15” JK15NA active speaker system.

If the first day was Joker, the second day had to be Xcellence, Amate Audio’s premium series of point-source and compact line array systems – offering uncompromising performance and design optimization. A presentation and showcase demonstration was made at La torre del Conill, where the guests were able to appreciate and compare the different system configurations possibilities offered by Xcellence series, in the warm sunshine afforded by the outdoor venue.

Daniel Bartolomé and Paco Rodríguez, also an Amate Audio product applications engineer, led both point source and line array demonstrations.

A number of stacked left and right stereo systems comprised 2x X12CLA constant curvature array systems, in horizontal cluster configuration with the powerful X218W3K 3000W sub; 4x X208 compact line array systems stacked on dual 21” X21T subs; the versatile 14” X14T coaxial speaker system pole mounted on the matched compact 18” X18T sub; with flown 15” X15T speaker systems flown above.

For the X210 line array demonstration, the chosen configuration was 10 units with five X218W3K subwoofers. In addition to listening to this setup, some training tips were shown regarding the alignment of line array systems with subwoofers.

In the evening activities moved indoors, with a closing demonstration of the extensive Amate Audio solutions installed at Number One club in Terrassa. In a relaxed private session with Amate Audio staff, feedback from our visiting guests was highly positive. They were very impressed by the high quality sound coverage achieved throughout the venue, and especially from the main configuration of the 3 + 3 X12CLA constant curvature array hangings and their respective X218W3K subs. Good music, great sound and amazing people!

Speaking at the end of the event, Sun Uk Ji, General Manager of DAELIM Musical Instruments, and our distributor in the country for more than 20 years, said, I would like to first say that the customers who visited Amate Audio in these two days are not just clients, they are like family for me. Like me, they also regard Amate Audio as a big family. I felt very comfortable here, like I was at home. I know they feel it too.

“We take back with us with us amazing memories and news of some future surprises. Moreover, we could listen to all the systems, after the explanation from the professionals who developed these products. Both myself and all my friends and clients who participated in the seminar here in Barcelona, are very thankful. They have learned a lot from Amate Audio and are more proud than ever, to have Amate audio systems in South Korea.”

We take back with us with us amazing memories and news of some future surprises

“Me and all my friends and clients who assisted to the seminar we held in Barcelona are very thankful. They have learned a lot from Amate Audio and now they are even prouder to have Amate audio systems in South Korea.”

Thanks to all customers for coming and especially to DAELIM Musical Instruments, for their attendance and collaboration in organising the seminar.