MARCH 10, 2017

Smoke on Water

New Delhi – India

Open the heavy front door set in the eye catching circular entrance to Smoke on Water and you enter into a realm of sports, fun and rock’n’roll, located in the liveliest area of ​​New Delhi. A meeting point where friends get together to catch up and comment on play.

Located in the heart of Connaught Place, the decor is set to impress; the walls decorated with classic guitars, street art and graffiti, and poster art for legendary concerts by the most famous rock bands.

In Smoke on Water gourmet hamburgers, pizzas and other culinary delights are accompanied by the sounds of classic rock, from several Amate Audio systems throughout the venue. Ultra-compact, high performance JK26 point source hi-mid systems, from the Joker series, are matched with KEY15W and KEY18W KEY series subwoofers for bass reinforcement. The entire acoustic system is amplified with HD3200 power amps and processed with the DSP206 loudspeaker management system.

If you are in the trendy area of Connaught Place, in the Indian capital, and you want to have some fun surrounded by friends, good food and classic rock, Smoke on Water is waiting for you!

Many thanks to White Eagle Entertainment our authorized distributor in India for the information.


JK26A-plus-perspective-amate-audio-loudspeaker-110 JK26 point source systems

amate-audio-subwoofer-key18w-81 KEY18W subwoofer

1 KEY15W subwoofer

3 HD3200 amplifiers

DSP206-amate-audio-perspective1 DSP206 signal processor