SEMINAR: Line Arrays Systems “Small details that make big differences” @ South Korea

Theory, approach and demonstration of the renewed brand Amate Audio professional solutions

January 22, 2015 – SEOUL —

Amate Audio would like to thank to the group of sound professionals who attended the seminar held in Seoul and specially to DAELIM MUSICAL Instruments, our official distributor in South Korea, for its commitment and effort during the event.

The main topic at the seminar were Xcellence Line Array systems, but also was a great opportunity to explain Master Audio evolution to Amate Audio.

Joan Amate, Vice President and 
Chief Technical Officer, introduced the company’s philosophy and the main focus and challenges for 2015. He also presented Joker series new releases and the main features that make Xcellence a reference in the line array market.

Daniel Bartolomé, Product Application Engineer, was in charge of the theoretical part of line array fundamentals and later on two practical activities with Xcellence systems where attendees saw how small details and good planning can do great and amazing things.

Here are some pics from the seminar. Hope you can enjoy them!

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