SEMINAR “Behind the scenes of advanced sound systems”

Theory, approach and demonstration of Master Audio professional sound solutions with customers from Sweden and France

April 16, 2014 – BARCELONA —

Master Audio would like to thank to the group of sound professionals who attended the 3-day Master Audio seminar held in our Headquarters in Terrassa-Barcelona.
The attendants came by the hand of our official distributors for Sweden, Johan Högfeldt and France, Robert Berbezier.

The “Behind the scenes of advanced sound systems” seminar was an approach of Master Audio products and solutions for professional sound.
The first part of the seminar was more theoretical where our R+D Manager Joan Amate and our Acoustic Engineer Natàlia Milán explained the insights of product development and the main features who make them advanced.
Later they could see how this theory comes true in an indoor demo for Joker series and an outside demo forJoker series and an outside demo for Xcellence series conducted by Daniel Bartolomé, our Master Audio Product Application Engineer.

Not everything at the seminar was work, the group had some fun in a go karting competition. Fortunately for us, the first place stay at home with the good performance of Jordi Amate.

Our staff tried to make everyone feel at home.

Here are some pics from the seminar. Hope you can enjoy them!

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