SEMINAR “Amate Audio & Supersonic Svenska”

A deep look at Amate Audio professional sound solutions with customers from Sweden

May 8th, 2015 – BARCELONA —

Last May 4th to 6th was held a seminar with clients from Sweden at Amate Audio Headquarters in Terrassa – Barcelona.

The “Amate Audio & Supersonic Svenska” seminar was an approach of Amate Audio products and solutions for professional sound. It was also a great opportunity for Joan Amate Chief Technical Officer, to explain Master Audio evolution to Amate Audio.

The first part of the seminar was more theoretical where Joan Amate and our Acoustic Engineer Natàlia Milán explained the insights of product development for Joker and Xcellence series. Furthermore, they could also see and hear the newest Amate Audio products.

Afterwards, they could see how this theory has been applied in a Joker series demo in our showroom and an outdoor demo for Xcellence series conducted by our engineer David Martínez.

Not everything at the seminar was work, the group had some fun in a go karting competition.

Amate Audio would like to thank to the group of sound professionals who attended the three day seminar and special thanks to our official distributor for Sweden, Supersonic Svenska.

Here are some pics from the seminar.

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