SEL new album “FI” presentation @ Arena Theatre

Vilnius – Lithuania

SEL presented its new album called “Fi” at the Theatre Arena in Vilnius – Lithuania with an Xcellence line array setup.

SEL is a Lithuanian quartet very popular for its numerous singles and albums included at the top Baltic’s charts.

The great sound coverage was achieved thanks to a flying setup of 16x X210 line arrays systems with X215W subwoofers.

The band’s style has changed over the years. The first album created by SEL could be classified as rock songs and Hip-Hop. Later, they turned to a style more acid-house style and R & B, keeping its origins with fast rap vocals and original rhymes. SEL has worked with many European artists and has created more than thirty songs which have been included in the top 40 lists of major success in Lithuania.

Thanks to No Noise, our authorized distributor in Lithuania for the info.

Equipment list:
16+16 X210 line array systems
6+6 X215W subwoofers

4 X210 line array systems

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