SEL concert @ Summer Stage Klaipeda

Klaipeda – Lithuania

Klaipeda Summer Stage hosted the a great show with the Lithuanian group SEL. An embracing two hours concert for over 18,000 devoted attendees.

A legendary show where the great sound coverage was achieved thanks to a flying setup of 52 X210 line arrays systems and X215W subwoofers.

This concert is part of the farewell tour of the Lithuanian quartet SEL, very popular for its numerous singles and albums included in the top Baltic’s charts.

Thanks to No Noise, our authorized distributor in Lithuania for the info.

Equipment list:
18+18 X210 line array systems
6+6 X215W subwoofers

8+8 X210 line array systems

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Photo credits:

SEL-grand-show-klaipeda-lithuania-amate-audio-6 SEL-grand-show-klaipeda-lithuania-amate-audio-12 SEL-grand-show-klaipeda-lithuania-amate-audio-13 SEL-grand-show-klaipeda-lithuania-amate-audio-2 SEL-grand-show-klaipeda-lithuania-amate-audio-5 SEL-grand-show-klaipeda-lithuania-amate-audio-3 SEL-grand-show-klaipeda-lithuania-amate-audio-1
SEL-grand-show-klaipeda-lithuania-amate-audio-7 SEL-grand-show-klaipeda-lithuania-amate-audio-14 SEL-grand-show-klaipeda-lithuania-amate-audio-11 SEL-grand-show-klaipeda-lithuania-amate-audio-8 SEL-grand-show-klaipeda-lithuania-amate-audio-4 SEL-grand-show-klaipeda-lithuania-amate-audio-9 SEL-grand-show-klaipeda-lithuania-amate-audio-10