Sara Pi & Master Audio

Sara Pi performing with Master Audio systems at the Jamboree Jazz Club in Barcelona

January 24, 2013 – BARCELONA —

On December 15th, R&B singer Sara Pi performed tracks from her first album, Burning, at the Jamboree Jazz Club in Barcelona, relying on Master Audio’s X15CE and X12CE stage monitors for her onstage sound.

“Every time I play with Master Audio I’m sure I’ll have intelligible and crystal clear sound” commented Sara Pi. “It´s like being inside!”

For Master Audio this was the first opportunity to demonstrate its upcoming DSP Studio iPad app, and the result was a captivating and sonically accurate concert experience.

Sara Pi has established herself as a leading light in R&B, soul and Brazilian-fusion.
With Master Audio help for her performances they are so ben fet a Barcelona – “sound well done in Barcelona”.

See all the features of Master Audio’s Xcellence Point Source systems here

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