July 5, 2017

Sant Cugat Festivities 2017

Sant Cugat – Spain

From June 29th to July 1st, Sant Cugat city, close to Barcelona, celebrated its annual fiesta with a myriad of events, concerts, workshops and all manner of activities. The “La Pua” stage – a key venue – was equipped with a full setup of Xcellence systems, including the flagship X210 line array system and the latest X12CLA constant curvature array.

Outstanding Xcellence sound to celebrate Sant Cugat festivities

Well known local bands performing during the three-day festival included Animal, Oques Grasses, Sybarites, and La Mulata. The powerful setup of Xcellence solutions included the main PA with 8+8 X210 line array systems, matched with 8x 3000W X218W3K subwoofers. Stage monitoring was performed by six revolutionary 14” coaxial X14T systems. X12CLA constant curvature array systems were used as frontfill reinforcement. Stereo pole mounted X12CLAs over 18” X18T subwoofers were deployed for sidefill stage reinforcement. And finally, a 3000W full-range JK318A 3-way system provided drummer reinforcement.

Fans enjoyed performances with a full 48k W stage power (24k for HF and MF plus 24k for LF), the complete system under the control of Amate Audio’s DSPStudio control software.

Working with Xcellence systems, makes our job much easier and gives us greater peace of mind. For this festival we relied on different solutions from the range, all of which were rated very highly by the musicians playing during the festival.

Albert Cuellar, Mics BCN sound technician

DSPStudio utilises a bespoke control protocol that supports Wi-Fi connectivity (control over IP), addressing the ethernet-enabled amp and DSP modules in the Xcellence series cabinets, affording user visual feedback on amplifier status and the ability to edit processor values from any spot in the venue.
The control software enables you to edit parameters such as crossover frequency, gain (per way and separately mutable), limiter, polarity and delay. Five custom parametric EQs, or an array of filter shapes can all be adjusted in fine detail, with several elements controllable at the same time using grouping functions.

The software also provides comprehensive information about input and output levels, heat-sink temperature, clip and protection indicators and is also available in a iPad version.

Looking forward to the 2018 festivities.

We would like to thank Mics BCN for event’s coverage.

Systems employed:

x210-amate-audio-line-array-perspective8+8 X210 line array systems

X12CLA-array-amate-audioX12CLA array systems

X14T-amate-audio-monitor-1 6 X14T stage monitors

x218w3k-amate-audio-subwoofer-perspectiveX218W3K subwoofers

X18T-amate-audio-perspective-12 X18T subwoofers

jk318a-amate-audio-perspectiveJK318A three-way systems