SAE Institute visits Amate Audio

Students from Audio engineering studies get deep into pro audio

April 28th, 2015 – BARCELONA —

Last Friday 24th of April, we received the visit of students from the Live Audio master from SAE Institute Barcelona.

The students could see what’s behind professional sound systems that they will work with. They received our point of view in concepts like process of product design, development and selection of materials, acoustic testing, and final set-up before they go on stage. They could see how the anechoic chamber works and had the opportunity to listen to Amate Audio’s Joker series in our showroom.
The support in this theoretical part was by Joan Amate, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, and our engineers, David Martínez and Natàlia Milàn.

Afterwards, they took part in an outdoor Xcellence series demo. They assisted to prepare the entire set-up process of the equipment: from the positioning and installation of cabinets to phase alignment and final configurations. This practical part was conducted by Daniel Bartolomé, Product Application Engineer.

These students will be the next generation of professionals who will be behind the stage making that everything sounds great.

SAE Institute is a worldwide audio and multimedia educational network, which offers careers in Audio Engineering, Music Production, Digital Filmmaking, Web Development, 3D Interactive Animation and Games Programming. It has two locations in Spain: Barcelona and Madrid.

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