Rock Crystal Bar Karaoke

Almaty – Kazakhstan

We are very pleased to announce that Rock Crystal Bar Karaoke has been chosen as the Best Sound 2014 for the entertainment portal

A wide range of Amate Audio products sonorize this stunning karaoke. From B series to HD amplifiers, DSP processors to Joker and Xcellence speaker systems.

Rock Crystal Bar Karaoke has two big halls and 9 VIP lounge rooms for special groups from 8 to 24 people.

The unique design of each VIP room karaoke creates an especial atmosphere with different decoration and evocative concepts: ice, cabaret, dream, anime, rock, sky, soul, tradition and fashion.

All VIP and common rooms are perfectly equipped with high-end lighting and the great sound of Master Audio sound systems.

In its large lounge hall you can relax and enjoy live music, dance sessions and exclusive parties.

If you are over there do not miss the chance to try the variety of cuisine and the luxurious dining room for 150 people.

Thanks to THE FIFTH ELEMENT LLP, our exclusive distributor in Kazakhstan for the info.
Equipment list:
Banquet hall
2x 2+2 X208 line array systems
2x X218W subwoofers

Lounge bar
6x B8 multipoint speaker systems

6x B6/T multipoint speaker systems

Hall “Rock”
8x JK26 point source systems
2x JK18W2 subwoofers
3x HD2000 power amplifiers
1x HD3200 power amplifier
1x DSP608 digital signal processor

Hall “Crystal”
6x JK26 point source systems
2x JK15W subwoofers
1x HD2000 power amplifier
1x DSP206 digital signal processor

Vip Rooms 9 rooms
(Equipment in each room)
2x JK26 point source systems
1x JK12WA subwoofer or
1x JK15WA subwoofer
1x HD1200 power amplifier

More info about the karaoke here > (only in russian)
Read the full post about the awards > (only in russian)

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