Radistai 7th anniversary @ Circus Arena Show

Vilnius – Lithuania

Lithuanian radio station Radistai celebrated its 7th anniversary on last Novemeber 7th at Arena Circus Theatre in Vilnius – Lithuania.

John Nainys and Roland Mackevičius, popular Radistu radio stars were MCs at the event, playing music and having fun.
Thanks to their charisma they have created a great connection with the audience and have become beloved characters among their thousands of fans across the country.
In the show also participated: Kastis Torrau & Donatello, Starinskaitė Sun OA, Justin Jarutis “Freaks On Floor”, Electronic I, G & G Sindicate and the whole group forming Radistai.

Great Theatre Arena was the perfect venue for a great show which included circus performers, dancers and other artists. Attendees also enjoyed a fancy decoration, laser show, large LED screens, pyrotechnics and impeccable sound by Master Audio Xcellence systems.

The tremendous growth of Radistai has not gone unnoticed, and the largest Lithuania event promoter, Live Nation Baltics has contributed to the celebration of its 7th anniversary.
We just have to say: Congratulations Radistai!

Thanks to No Noise, our authorized distributor in Lithuania for the info. (only in Lithuanian)

Equipment list:
Main PA
10+10 X210 line array systems
3+3 X215W subwoofers

2+2 X210 line array systems

3x X210 line array systems

Have a look at the full gallery here >
Watch the official aftermovie here >

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