Pont Aeri club reaches the sky

Barcelona – Spain

Pont Aeri club (an important reference for Hardcore, Trance, Makina and Techno) in Barcelona has chosen MASTER AUDIO Professional Sound Systems from several product families to seamlessly integrate and maximize the audio performance: a total of 60,000 Watts! It is well known that the performance by line array systems is far superior to conventional ones, and within the area “0” for some it can be highly dangerous!

The “Privee” room (Sala 92), designed for more intimate events and private parties, is powered by an MD MASTER AUDIO systems: 4 units MD12ND2 cover the mid and high frequencies and 2 units of MD218SW subwoofers (with 2 x DPU3K6) The DJ monitor room also has 2 pcs of MD12ND2 loudspeakers powered by massive DPU 2K5 amplifiers.

Equipment list:
6+6 MA210D7 Systems
4+4 X210 Line array systems
8x MAW218D7 Subwoofers

Pont-Aeri-1 Pont-Aeri-2