Polygone Riviera Fountain

Nice – France

Personalized Amate Audio solutions for “the new art of shopping”, that is how its creators define the commercial and entertainment centre Polygone Riviera, located in Cagnes-su-Mer, near Nice, in France.

An open centre where all businesses are concentrated, from restaurants to theatres, to -of course- a variety of trendy shops, design and culture spaces.

Alongside this commercial space we find great pieces of art that blend with the architecture and the impressive sculpture “The Watcher”, by Sacha Sosno.

To make of this “new art” an even more special experience, this space has an impressive fountain offering spectacular show of patterned lights, water and sound with customized Joker Series JK46 solutions. This JK46 passive column array is arranged around the fountain so that its wide frequency response and high sound quality make the show one more reason to visit the Polygone Riviera. For signal processing, HD1200 amplifiers and a DSP608 signal processor have been installed.

Equipment list:
16 JK46 column line array systems
8 HD1200 amplifiers
1 DSP608 signal processor