MAY 25, 2017

PIXĒL nightclub

Nicosia – Cyprus

PIXĒL nightclub is a new place for partying in Nicosia, which mixes impeccable cocktails with good music and great sound, thanks to Amate Audio solutions.

A combination of 12” Joker and KEY solutions has been installed for party DJ sessions and exclusive concerts. JK12 point source systems are deployed as satellites, offering a perfect balance, superb vocal articulation, powerful low end and crystal clear high frequencies. Additional KEY12 systems provide reinforcement in specific spots throughout the venue.

PIXĒL is a byword for glamor and leisure in Cyprus with exquisite decoration and an unbeatable service. Drop in and enjoy long nights of fun.

Thanks to our authorized distributor in Cyprus A.A. MODEL POWER LTD for the information.

Systems employed:

JK12 point source systems

KEY12 point source systems