Open House restaurant

New Delhi – India

Open House is a new restaurant ready to conquer the palates of its guests with an elaborate cuisine and impeccable musical selection that will take your clients around the world.

Open House features a sushi bar exclusively produced in a live show. Its kitchen is also specialized in traditional Cantonese, Indian and Thai food. Some say they have the best dimsum in the city.

Its simple, sober and elegant decoration, including leather seats, mahogany walls and details and an exhibition of old pictures of shocking Cannaught Square, all alongside great sound thanks to the KEY series from Amate Audio, make Open House an interesting alternative to escape while dining.

Thanks to White Eagle Entertainment our authorized distributor in India and Pink Noise Professionals Pvt. Ltd. for the information.

Equipment used:
20x KEY8 point source systems
4x KEY18W subwoofers
1x HD3200 amplifier
5x HD2000 amplifiers
1x DSP206 signal processor

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