October 3, 2019

Last Thursday, October 3, we received the visit of several attendees with the intention of bringing our work and the facilities that allow us to carry it out.

Joan Amate, vice president and technical director, and our engineers Guiu Llusà, David Martínez, Natàlia Milán and Paco Rodríguez shared some tricks and secrets about professional sound systems and how they are manufactured. The attendees could see what’s behind the professional sound systems they will work with in the future. They received the vision of Amate Audio in concepts such as the process of product conception, development and selection of materials, acoustic tests, adjustments and final optimization of the systems, paying special attention to the new X212AF.
They could also see the operation of the anechoic chamber and listen to Nítid powered systems in a demo in the showroom.

Thank you all for your assistance and participation, we hope you would enjoy, see you next time!