Nítid from the Latin nitidus, meaning bright, glistening or lustrous, clear; and nitere, to shine. Launched in 2017, the name is the inspiration for the loudspeaker series that celebrates 45 years of Amate Audio.

Nítid speaker systems employ the very latest digital amplification and processing technologies, in symbiosis with advanced acoustic research, to achieve exceptional levels of performance from ultra-compact speaker cabinets.

A benchmark in loudspeaker design!

Design & engineering


The Nítid series’ compact cabinet designs and high-power signal output make it highly versatile. It is perfectly suited to rental and sound touring companies, and AV installers’ application requirements. The product range covers the full spectrum of mobile and fixed sound applications, including in entertainment and event, performing arts, worship, corporate, hospitality and enterprise.

Made in Barcelona

Every Nítid design is the culmination of a meticulous program of research and engineering design. The highest possible levels of power and performance are achieved from compact systems, in a dynamic process of optimisation, calibration and configuration of components and form factor, in synthesis with our very latest digital amplification and signal processing technologies.


Distinguishing structural detail includes innovative lightweight speaker grilles, that improve both protection and sound quality, Polyurea® coated multilayer birch plywood cabinet construction, providing high structural rigidity and long-term durability, and Amate Audio’s exclusive SensitiveTouch™ weatherproof capacitive keypad technology, for accessing the system electronics. On Nítid powered systems, Amate Audio’s universal switch mode power supply enables operation with any mains condition between 85 and 265 V AC. Carefully recessed carry handles and easily secured flying points enable the handling, deployment and positioning of Nítid series lightweight cabinets with relative ease. Backlit Nítid logos can be switched off, or switched to indicate when the system is limiting.


Nítid offers new standards of performance and operational versatility from compact loudspeaker systems, attaining SPLs and levels of sonic reproduction not previously possible from cabinets of this size. Exemplary performance levels are combined with an ease of setup and use, unique in a professional sound reinforcement series, including optimised ‘plug & play’ system control presets for virtually instantaneous operation.

Acoustic features

Optimised components

All transducers in Nítid series systems have been developed and customized so that their performance optimally complements the acoustic properties of each individual cabinet design. Series highlights include premium components such as the proprietary high performance 110° x 11° aluminium long throw waveguide in the N208 line array, the audiophile 6” carbon fiber cone driver in the N6, N26, N36 and N46 full range compact column systems, and the low mass to high power ratio LF drivers in the N10, N12, N15 and N12SM models.

Compact designs

All Nítid series systems are characterized by the same exceptional high quality, crystal clear sound, with high levels of articulation in the vocal frequency range and smooth HF and LF extended response. With their remarkable high-power signal output to form factor ratio, Nítid systems deliver exceptional signal coverage from compact loudspeaker systems, with a dependably smooth frequency response.


Acoustics prediction. Better sound installations

Every Nítid cabinet is provided with a GLL library used by the EASE acoustic simulation software. This powerful software calculates 3D coverage maps, speech intelligibility, reverberation times and other acoustical parameters, even before the room itself is built. For the Nítid N208 line array and its range of sub bass systems, EASE Focus 3 libraries are provided too, in order to enable you to visualize the system performance prior to set-up-or installation.

Proprietary speaker grille pattern

The exclusive, heavy duty ultra-thin speaker grille design, created by Amate Audio’s research team, boasts a 67% ‘best-in-class’ perforation coefficient, offering astonishing sonic transparency without uncompromising the grille’s robust protection in the most demanding mobile and fixed installation applications.

Electronic features

‘Smart’ loudspeaker systems

Nítid systems are not just active loudspeaker systems, they are fully self-contained, integrated ‘smart’ loudspeaker systems; no external amplification, no external system management or signal processing.

Optimized system presets for every sound application

The Nítid integrated ‘plug & play’ active power and system control electronics includes a library of instantly recallable DSP system presets for rapid setup and configuration, in the minimum amount of time.

Advanced system control interface with SensitiveTouch™ keypad technology

Rear mounted control panels with LCD display provide user-friendly system control via Amate Audio’s proprietary SensitiveTouch™ keypad technology. No mechanical components or moving parts makes the SensitiveTouch™ capacitive sensor highly responsive, weatherproof and durable, compared with conventional mechanical controls.

The simple user interface enables rapid setup of multiple parameters and instant recall of preset system configurations. On-screen output power display helps monitor the system and ECO mode, with automatic power-down in the absence of any signal, is selectable.

DSP system control incudes a 5-band EQ menu with five equalizers, limiter threshold adjust, delay up to 40 metres, gain control per channel, mute. And the Automatic Loudness Compensation (ALC), which applies a dynamic EQ curve, enhancing high and low frequencies, to compensate for reduced sensitivity of human hearing at lower volume levels.

Parameters with progressively variable values such as gain, equalizers, limiters and delays are input via the rotary slider. Once all the settings are configured, the INFO menu provides the user with a summary of the different parameters that have adjusted.

Third generation Class D amplification

The 3rd generation Class D amplifier technology in Nítid systems offers performance related and operational benefits often not found on other active loudspeaker systems. Very low harmonic and intermodulation distortion, high damping factor and audiophile signal quality, all contribute to the extraordinarily high sonic performance of these amplifiers, while very high levels of system efficiency provide unrivalled long-term reliability.