Nike Flagship Store – Gangnam

Seoul – South Korea

Nike opened their flagship store in the middle of Gangnam, Seoul on June 13th with the former Korea National Team legend Ji-Sung Park.

This is the biggest store out of all the other sports brands in Korea. Composed of all the items that symbolize Nike, the store is also furnished with different types of unique statues that give the store a museum-like atmosphere.

The Gangnam Flagship Store was designed with the purpose of being the most digitalized store of any other worldwide Nike store. Master Audio Systems from B Series and subwoofers from Joker were installed. Also, LCD navigation was installed throughout the store to help give directions to customers. Details about some products are also displayed.

The first floor is fully displayed with running and women’s products, young athlete and soccer products on the second floor, with basketball and streetwear collection products on the basement floor.

A total of three chrome chandeliers are positioned on each floor in the shapes of Nike’s representative items: running, soccer, and basketball.

The walls are full of drawings by a famous Korean artist Yoon Hyup inspired on the different movements of famous Korean soccer players: Ji Sung Park, Lee Chung Yong and Ki Sung Yong.
Equipment list:
9x B8 multipoint speaker systems
2x B6 multipoint speaker systems
2x JK18W2 subwoofers

First floor
6x B6 multipoint speaker systems
2x JK18W2 subwoofers

Second floor
6x B8 multipoint speaker systems
2x B6 multipoint speaker systems
2x JK18W2 subwoofers

2x HD800 power amplifiers
5x HD1200 power amplifiers
3x HD3200 power amplifiers
2x DSP306USB digital Signal Processor

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Read the Nike’s press release >

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